Can I Paint You?

On December 6th, I had a studio visit by a talented painter, Janet Roberts. I met Janet a couple of years ago when I was one of the MARN Salon curators. However, I believe I saw her paintings in the WVA Biennial at the Anderson Art Center in Kenosha in 2011. 

Last summer I received a message on Facebook from her asking me if I was interested in being one of her subjects for her Hat Series. She wanted to paint me. I was flattered. We connected . I said, “yes.”

She came to my gallery to photograph me and I finally had the opportunity to meet Gary John Gresl, assemblage artist. 

20141213_095155 copy

In October she had 20 portraits of men and women wearing different hat in a solo exhibition at Richeson’s in Kimberly. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the reception. To my surprise, the exhibit was still up when fellow painter, Dale, and I went to Richeson’s for their Black Friday sale. 


I find it interesting how people’s paths cross when least expected. Thanks for painting me, Janet. 

Check out Janet’s work at


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