All I Wanted was a CD Case

Tonight I headed into the basement to get what I thought would be a CD case. Instead, I spent a couple of hours organizing and throwing things away. As I was cleaning I ran across old artwork that I f0rgot I even had. Here is my story and I am sticking to it. 

20141016_210744 copyThis is my old studio. For the past few years my studio was located in the basement. It almost felt like an abandoned room because I have not been in the basement for a few months. Weird, huh? Since I no longer create art at home I would like to make this room as my own personal museum. Perhaps a summer project to convert this into my own art collection.  Stay tuned…

20141016_201858(0)I used to read quite a bit before I got so involved in the gallery business and facilitating personal projects. Although I’ve read each of these books I think I will reread to get motivated to make art again. Here is my top 10 list of books to read. 


Before I picked up painting in 2010 and then taking it seriously in 2008 and now getting back into the studio in 2014 I used to enjoy drawing. The image above is a reproduction of one of Basquiat’s pieces. The full dimension of the drawing is about 16×20″ done in oil pastels. In 2008 I  was so into Basquiat (which is my favorite artist). When I see his work in person I get a little choked up. His work is so beautiful!

20141016_210515In 2005 I went through a hard period in my life. When I felt that life was at its lowest it was these two words, “CLINK & CLANK” that put life back into perspective. No matter how beat down you get in life there is always that inner fuel that is going to push you out of a temporary situation. It is through perserverance that you will succeed. 

vincent van gogh painting copy

This is by far one of the scariest paintings I have done in my life. Before Basquiat was Van Gogh. This was a terrible period for me. I was very destructive in my 20s. Personal relationships were difficult to maintain. 



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