SVA Membership Show at EBCO ArtWorks

Last night SVA hosted its 6th annual membership show. I think this may have been the first time that it exhibited works by 38 artists. I find it fascinating to see an array of different disciplines being represented in this exhibition as well as in SVA. What is more exciting is not knowing all of the SVA artists. It sure makes me feel out of the loop. Then night was full of art, food, beverages, conversation, reconnecting with old friends, and meeting new people. What more can you ask for?

The climax of the show was when Patty Aker and Kay Jelinek, 2013 SVA Membership Committee, started to talk about SVA and its jurors. It is hard to believe what started with 4 artists & 1 art patron on July 23, 2007 has grown to over 50+ artists and patrons today. Tonight exemplified the commitment that these artists and board members have to continue nourishing the local art scene. Every artist that I talked to both old (sorry Dale) and new seems to be excited about this group. Their enthusiasm is contagious.

SVA has definitely found a home in Sheboygan! As well as continuing to develop a strong partnership with Tom (I mean, Tim Ebenreiter) of EBCO ArtWorks. There are many organizations and art groups that seek for a space of their own to showcase their artistic talents. I am thankful that Tim has welcomed SVA with open arms. Thanks T!!!

Here are some photos from last night’s reception along with award winners towards the bottom.

Kaidan Whitehouse, Best of Show, Dreaming in a Field of Light
Dale Knaak, 1st Place, The Inspector
Ray Hagerman, 2nd Place, At Peace
Paul Duquesnoy, Innovation Award, We Are All Kings (Prosperity Remix)
Angie Zimmerman, Honorable Mention, Downtown Mill Street
Erico Ortiz, Honorable Mention, Empty Bowl
Margaret Haubert, Honorable Mention, Amid Stability
Evie Grasse, Honorable Mention, Crystal Lake Property
Laura Spalinger, Honorable Mention, Tsunami
Ray Moody, Honorable Mention, Spring Snow on Broughton Ave. Stairway
Mark Ottens, Honorable Mention, Subshrub
Tom Dent, Honorable Mention, Derelict Mondrian Window, No. 2 

Thanks to our jurors: Dan Smith and Tom Uebelherr.


Extended Gallery Hours for the Juried Membership Show and Sale are:

Saturdays & Sundays from 10-4 on April 27, 28 , May 4, 5 and May 11.


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