Wisconsin Visual Artists 2020 Biennial at MOWA

2020 Wisconsin Artists Biennial at the Museum of Wisconsin Art

January 25 – March 29, 2020

Opening Party: January 25, 2020, 2:00–5:00 pm

Frank is thrilled to announce that he will be exhibiting in the 2020 Wisconsin Visual Artists Biennial at the Museum of Wisconsin Art in West Bend, WI. 

This year, The Wisconsin Visual Artists (WVA) had over 342 applicants who submitted over 900 artworks, out of whom our jurors selected 38 finalists and 43 artworks. The Biennial is a wonderful opportunity for WVA to review the breadth of impactful work happening in Wisconsin. It is a chance for the community to engage with the cultural climate of this moment in time. It is WVA’s privilege to showcase contemporary artists whose practices are the cultural bedrock of who we are.

About the Biennial

Every two years the Museum of Wisconsin Art is privileged to showcase the most compelling, engaging, inventive, and unique art from a state rich in creative capital. The 2020 Wisconsin Artists Biennial was open to all contemporary artists from throughout the state, representing a wide spectrum of media and creative perspectives. 

Artists are: Krista Allenstein, Jordan Acker Anderson, Benjamin Balcom, Trenton Baylor, Siara Berry, Martha Coaty, Scott Espeseth, Daniel Fleming, Nina Ghanbarzadeh, Madeline Glaspey, Janelle Gramling, Alexander Hopkins, Niki Johnson, Frank Juarez, Yevgeniya Kaganovich, David Najib Kasir, Daniel Klewer, Michael Knapstein, Pat Kroth, Debbie Kupinsky, Diane Levesque, Lisa Mathewson, Rob Neilson, Angela Piehl, Brian Pirman, Denise Presnell, Pete Railand & Jenna Valoe, Christian Ricco, Susan Rice, Patrick Robison, Laura Schneider, Jill Sebastian, Shelley Smith, Christine Style, Victoria Tasch, Amanda Urmanski, John Whitney, Xiaohong Zhang

The Wisconsin Artists Biennial is co-sponsored and organized by Wisconsin Visual Artists and Museum of Wisconsin Art (MOWA).  The Biennial committee is led by WVA chair Jenie Gao and MOWA Executive Director | CEO Laurie Winters. Committee members include WVA Executive Director Terry Stanley, and WVA members Gary John Gresl, Rosie Hartmann, Christine Style, and Tori Tasch,  and MOWA staff members Tyler Friedman, Graeme Reid, and Jessica Wildes.


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