The last post I made was on June 8th. Now, a few months later I am adding a new post. This new post is an exciting post that will introduce a new body of work called, “Tranquility”. This series is about allowing your environment influence your work and while becoming vulnerable to whatever may happen.

The original idea of this began in June 2013 as we were driving along Lake Michigan in Sheboygan. Using my cell I quickly captured the water and through a Pixlr Express I added some text. At first glance I liked what I saw. I liked the idea of embedding a specific meaning to an image. Art is subjective and everyone’s interpretation is based on their experience. In this case, I wanted to influence their interpretation in the same manner that my environment influenced me to create this new work. Once this image was sent into the digital world I began to think on how this small image could be translated into a larger piece and what would be the the medium/a that would allow me to do so.

This piece is called, “Breathe”. It is gouache on a photograph that I took of Lake Michigan in Sheboygan. It measures 11x17inches. 2013.


One thought on “Breathe

  1. fkorb says:

    I am talking a lot about meaning with my artists and find that it is a challenge to get that idea across to them. This is a great example to use to demonstrate the need for meaning, rationale, communicating an idea. Thanks!

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