Echoing Very Delicious Plums

My backstory for ‘Echo’
The artist that I connected with was Dan. His subject matter and use of color reminded me of a title of one of Anna Kunz’s prints that I own called, “The Same, but Different”. The painting that I selected was “Very Delicious Plums”.
Very Delicious Plums by Dan
This is a still life painting consisting of red, delicious plums against a yellow background. As I began to think about his painting I kept hearing in my mind, purple, purplish, purplish-red plums. This inference echoed in my mind for days. My painting, ‘Echo’ reflects the act of what Dan could have been doing while working on his painting based on what was written online, “once he filled in the plums with watercolor pencil, he blended them with water”. In his painting there is process of repeating a limited color palette, but also imagining him dipping a brush into water and applying it to these very delicious plums over and over. When I began painting ‘Echo’ I tried to mimic what Dan would have done except my focus what not so much on a specific object, but rather on the actions of Dan.  His name echoing in my mind as I paint. 
Echo by Frank Juarez

‘Echo’ is part of the Memories in the Making Program hosted by the Southeastern Alzheimer’s Association. Join us at the Saint John’s on the Lake, 1840 N. Prosepect Avenue in Milwaukee for an artist reception on April 19 from 5-9pm. 


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