Schemata Exhibition at UW-Sheboygan

Top Row: ‘To See’, ‘Hold’ and ‘First Viewer’

Middle Row: ‘Taking Away the Center’, ‘Wishbone’ and ‘Sampling the World Around Us’

Bottom Row: ‘Pull Me Away’, ‘Over&Over’ and ‘Memory of the Piece’

I will be exhibiting new paintings at UW-Sheboygan’s Fine Arts Gallery from August 4 – September 28, 2012 titled, ‘Schemata‘ along with Tony Conrad and Melissa Dorn Richards. This exhibition will feature paintings and sculpture. 

Join us on August 2nd from 5-7pm for an artist reception. 

My paintings are driven by a collection of certain things I feel can influence my work. In my studio I reduce those visuals into paintings with a minimalistic approach. I am able to bring what is important to the surface so that the viewer can interpret his/her own meaning.


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